Welcome to the LuLur Spa World, an internationally-branded from hospitality leader, LuLur Spa Worldwide.

The LuLur Spa World provides a platform opportunity focused on leisure lifestyle experiences that include exotic destinations, designer-appointed luxury spa, hotels, resorts, exclusive services and unforgettable amenities.

This lifestyle concept is designed to provide clients with an entire lifetime of leisure and relaxation experiences to meet their ever changing needs. With the security of a Home Resort location, the comfort of home-away-from-home type spas and accommodations, the flexibility to choose shorter or longer stays, as well as, the freedom to convert to any of our 60 spas or resorts worldwide through a spa program. Clients have entrance to even more of the world with privileged access to over 2000 luxury spa and resorts worldwide, plus access to car rental, airfare and cruises… just to round out their vacation options!

There are 60 membership spas and resorts in Bali, Bora Bora,Honolulu, Pattaya,Malyasia, and in some of the most sought after beaches and urban destinations in the world. the Spas loyatal programm also continues to provide variety, adventure and discovery. The success of The LuLur Spa Chains is based on understanding of our clients and member’s relaxation, reflesh and vacation expectations, and then providing a way of exceeding them through our Clients and memberships! We invite you to explore more of the LuLur Spa throughout this site!

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